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These services offer seniors and persons with a disability the security and comfort of knowing someone is checking on them through a heartfelt conversation companion call. Offering caregivers peace of mind that their loved ones are not alone. We also offer daily, weekly or monthly updates to the caregivers so that you remain informed.

We understand the importance of helping seniors and persons with disabilities find proper ways to stay connected here at Companion Matters.

We know caregivers are working hard to provide loved ones with appropriate support and attention. The reality, however, is that most caregivers juggle their role with their demanding day to day responsibilities.

Many caregivers find it difficult balancing work and family activities. This leaves little time to dedicate oneself to deep and engaging communication with their loved ones. Often, this leaves seniors and persons with disabilities feeling alone and isolated. The caregiver’s disconnect can contribute to depression, cognitive decline, and often to a worsening of the overall condition.

Companion Matters is designed to support caregiver’s efforts by providing an engaging and meaningful human connection through a call companion. Utilizing a custom profile of interests, your loved one is matched with a caller who shares their interests, and who will listen compassionately and converse wholeheartedly.

Positive communication has consistently proven a valuable role in the vitality of people’s lives. Simply put, most humans yearn for engaging and lively conversation. They want to feel connected. They want to know they matter. They want to be heard. Many seniors and people with disabilities have incredible stories and life experiences to share. The simplicity of a phone call allows for human connection thru engaging conversation. 

If there is an elderly member of your family who lives alone and wants to remain independent or a homebound loved one living with a disability, you will find Companion Matters to be an excellent service to help prevent feelings of isolation. And, Companion Matters isn’t just about conversations. We also provide wellness check-in calls and encourage medication compliance.

We can also provide email updates to caregivers. Our callers are excellent, patient communicators, dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are checked in on, listened to wholeheartedly and engages with respectfully.

We’ve made it easy to get started today! Sign up in 3 easy steps. Choose your plan, fill out the custom profile, and pick the day and time of the calls. If you have any questions or need any assistance we are here to help.

Email us at help@CompanionMatters or call us direct at 713-331-0172.

At Companion Matters, we’re here to help!

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What Forms of Payments Can We Accept.

We accept all major credit cards.

Are Credit Card Payments Secure?

Yes. We use the most secure google backed for encryption to make sure your payment is processed securely.

How Does Billing Work?

Your credit card will be billed automatically each month. For the price of the plan that fit you best. On the anniversary of the date you signed up.

Can I Change My Plan at Any Time?

All plans are prepaid (minimally monthly) based on the plan you choose. You can upgrade or decrease your plan with a simple call or email to us.  All plans are prepaid.

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