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Companion Matters

Companion Matters providing engaging and meaningful human connection through a call companion, designed to support caregiver’s efforts.  Utilizing a custom profile of interests, your loved one is matched with a caller who shares their interests, and who will listen compassionately and converse wholeheartedly.

We understand how important it is to be able to help seniors and persons with disabilities find meaningful connections. Caregivers are working hard to provide their loved ones with appropriate support and attention.  The reality is that most caregivers are faced with the challenge of trying to juggle their caregiver role along with their demanding day to day responsibilities, unintentionally leaving little time to dedicate to deep and engaging communication with their loved ones.

Often, this leaves seniors and persons with disabilities feeling lonely and isolated, which in turn can contribute to depression, cognitive decline and often to a worsening of the overall condition.

Great Conversations and Meaningful Human Connections. 

This is where we excel! Positive interpersonal communication and meaningful human connection have consistently proven to play a role in the vitality of people’s lives. Simply put, most humans yearn for engaging and lively conversation.

They want to feel connected, they want to know they matter, they want to be heard. For many seniors and people with disabilities, they have incredible stories and life experiences to share, they just need someone to listen.

Our callers are excellent, patient communicators, dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are checked in on, listened to wholeheartedly and engaged with respectfully.


Listening is an essential part of our service

The power of genuinely listening to someone and being able to boost the conversation is a special skill that all our callers are gifted with. Our goal is to ensure your loved one feels heard and that a relationship is forged, a connection is made, they know they matter.

Great conversation can be great medicine – it can be a great distractor for someone who is recovering from a recent procedure, going through treatment, or just a lifetime of pain management. A caring conversation, along with meaningful human connection, has proven to help to take the patients mind off the pain, illness, loneliness, or whatever it may be by offering a distraction, a reprieve.

Our calls are designed to do both, support the caregiver while meeting the needs of your loved one.


The Power of Having Someone to Talk to

Research has shown that overall health can be positively impacted by connections to others, whereas lack of appropriate communication can lead to depression, lack of energy, lack of motivation and other health issues.  We benefit from pleasant casual conversations as well as lively debates and shared interests. Simply put, a meaningful human connection and interaction provide refueling.

By matching the custom profile of interests with the right caller, our goal is to establish a relationship that offers your loved the opportunity for improved mood and emotional well-being by having someone they look forward to receiving a call from. Our plans offer 5, 10, 15, 30 and 45-minute calls.  These calls can be scheduled, daily, multiple times a day, weekly or monthly. 

We have convenient plans to fit your needs.

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We also offer a check-in service to

encourage medication compliancy,

as well as make certain you or

your loved one is feeling ok.

Encouraging Medication Compliance

Medication compliance is an essential part of the process of anyone dealing with medical issues.  Whether actively striving for a better and healthier life, working to stabilize, maintain or improve a condition, medication often plays a significant role.  When a person takes their medication properly as dosed there is often a better outcome.  Our call cannot guarantee they will take the medication, but the goal is to encourage medication compliancy.

This service offers peace of mind to the busy caregiver as we can send an electronic message via email or text confirming we reached your loved one regarding their medication.  Our call does not guarantee they will take the medication, but the goal is to encourage medication compliance and peace of mind.


We are there, when you cannot be.

We know that life can be extremely hectic ad we all wish we could spend more time with our loved ones.  This is the reason why this service was created.

We are there to assist your loved ones when you are unable to. We will call them, converse with them, remind them to take their medication and overall help make sure they feel the power of companionship.  That they live, knowing that they matter.

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Respect and Reliability

Our service is built on respect and reliability. If for some reason your loved one is unavailable for their scheduled call, we follow the protocol you will have provided such as make two more attempts, notify caregiver, etc., but we will never not call your loved one.  Our calls are often the highlight of seniors and persons with disabilities day, and we want to ensure it is! Our callers take a lot of pride in being very articulate, well versed in many topics, but most importantly they are respectful and reliable.

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