Who Needs Companion Matters?

Our specialization is in senior care but our outstanding team members are well equipped to work with just about anyone.

We provide compassionate service designed to brighten up you and/or your loved ones day.  We have learned it’s much larger than just seniors, it can be anyone from people with disabilities to patients with serious medical problems, or someone who is going through a hard time such as a loss of a partner. The calls vary in time and nature and we can also provide simple well check in calls.

Does the Same Person Call Every Time?

Yes. You are assigned a person with similar hobbies and interest as you. We will build a rapport and become a friendly call that is looked forward to. We want to hear all your amazing stories and you will have the same person who has built a history to make the connections by listening intently and genuinely caring.

What Do We Talk About?

We talk about what you want to talk about.  Pre-selected topics can be submitted as well as what is on you or your loved one’s mind that day.  Some examples are sports, grandchildren, current events, travel, gardening, religion, pets, and the list goes on. At Companion Matters, one of the best parts is when our senior clients tell us about their lives and the amazing things they have experienced.

What Happens if We are Not Able to Reach Your Loved One?

We will call at the reserved time.  If our call is not accepted or connected we will make three call back attempts with the hour of the originally scheduled time.  If we are still unable to make a connection, we will leave a message and then notify the designated contact via a call and/or email.  

What if There is an Emergency During a Call?

If the client lets Companion Matters know that they do not feel well, their Companion will advise them to seek proper medical treatment. We will then notify the designated contact and let them know what the communicated issue is (i.e. Dad is having back problems today”). In case of an emergency while we are on the phone, we will instruct the client to hang up and immediately call 911.

Can We Email a Family Member With Updates?

Of course we can, we are a support system for you. Upon request we can send daily or weekly emails.  


Can I Have Multiple Contacts on File?

Most definitely. In fact, we encourage you to have at least two – a family member, friend, a neighbor or caregiver. When possible, we recommend the contacts be local.

Can Companion Matters Make Calls Worldwide?

Currently, we can call anywhere in the world with English and Spanish proficiency.

Does Companion Matters match clients with a companion caller who has the same interest?

Yes. We strive to ensure every companion caller has the same interest as our great clients! If for some reason Companion Matters doesn’t have someone who matches your custom profile, your companion caller will research the unique hobby or interest expressed to ensure they can be fully engaged in the client’s interest and a meaningful call can be enjoyed.

Does Companion Matters offer medication compliancy?

Yes. This is an area that we can really offer peace of mind. Companion Matters offers multiple packages that are geared towards this objective such as the wellness and check-in package. We can offer this service with any other plans of you choosing as well. We find that many seniors and persons with disabilities clients need help either reminding or encouraging them to take their medicine and give their family a peace of mind.

Can I receive a discounted rate?

At Companion Matters we want everyone to be able to use this service and receive the support they deserve. We offer monthly plans, as well as discounted packages based on 3, 6, and 12 month agreements. The discounts are between 5- 15% percent off. We love giving you these savings back since a lot of our clients are on fixed income.

Do I have to prepay for my discounted plans?

Yes. All discounted plans are prepaid for the time you choose.

Can I Change plans?

Yes, you will need to contact Companion Matters directly at 713-331-0172 or email help@companionmatters.com

Find a plan that works for you now!

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