Share a Story


Many seniors and persons with disabilities are great storytellers. They have seen a lot.  They are experienced a lot. “Share a Story” is designed to provide an opportunity for your loved one to have heartfelt conversations with a companion they can trust and enjoy. 

Matched with a caller based on the Companion Matters custom profile, your loved one will be able to share his/her amazing life stories on a regular basis. Whether you are the caregiver of a young child homebound with disabilities, or the caregiver of a senior striving to stay independent, “Share a Story” can provide the caregiver with reprieve while the caller engages and listens to a topic of interest/excitement and provide peace of mind knowing they are able to share their interests regularly with people who care. 

Our callers genuinely enjoy hearing all the amazing stories and interests. If your loved ones enjoy lively conversation, whether it’s about needlepoint or motor cross, classic cars or butterflies, hiking or ballroom dancing, Disney characters or favorite music – we’ll match you with the right caller.  At Companion Matters, our client engagement is what we look forward to every day.

Calls are scheduled with our online calendar and can vary by frequency and duration.  Time increments are 5, 10, 15, and 30minute increments, with the accumulative minutes to choose from below.

Share a Story 

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