Share & Record a Lifetime of Memories

We will listen diligently and compassionately to capture you or your loved one’s favorite memories and life- long experiences and convert it to an incredible keepsake.

This call plan is customized based on the estimated time it will take to capture the lifelong experiences.  We have a questionnaire we follow to start the dialogue, but the call is designed to allow your loved one to take over and organically reminisce and share stories of their career accomplishments, awards won, places traveled, wars fought if former military, grandchildren, accomplishments, volunteer work that stirred them, favorite holiday memories and traditions, favorites (food, sport, flower, color, etc.) as well as how much they love their friends and family and more!

You may choose a recorded keepsake of your loved one’s story sharing and reminiscing and/or we will create a typed document that recaps the memories shared.
Choose from the cumulative minutes you think it will take to create your desired keepsake and we will keep your loved one on track to stay within the time frame or will contact you to update accordingly. Most keepsakes can be completed within a month with agreed scheduled call frequency and durations ranging from once a day, several days a week or once a week.

Help your loved one feel like a rock star today and capture and record your loved one’s legacy.

Share and record a Life time of Memories

Month to Month

30 minutes per month
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45 minutes per month
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60 minutes per month
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120 minutes per month
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180 minutes per month
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Add the memory book/digital file $250 for the first copy and $75 for any additional copies

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What Forms of Payments Can We Accept.

We accept all major credit cards.

Are Credit Card Payments Secure?

Yes. We use the most secure google backed for encryption to make sure your payment is processed securely.

How Does Billing Work?

Your credit card will be billed automatically each month. For the price of the plan that fit you best. On the anniversary of the date you signed up.

Can I Change My Plan at Any Time?

All plans are prepaid (minimally monthly) based on the plan you choose. You can upgrade or decrease your plan with a simple call or email to us.  All plans are prepaid.

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