Wellness and


These calls are designed to offer peace of mind to seniors and persons with disabilities, as well as the caregiver. Whether you opt in for a medication compliancy check-in only, or select the overall wellness check-in, these calls utilize a scaled response of which you the caregiver may opt-in to receive email or text.

If for example, the response is that a dose of medication was forgotten, they are not feeling well, they fell, or they are experiencing specific worsened pain (per the scale), a detailed notification will be sent to the caregiver so that timely and appropriate action can be taken. The medication compliancy component is a great way to encourage and remind your loved one to stay on track with their medication for desired outcomes. This package is a great tool for any caregiver!

Wellness and Check-in

If more than 3 calls per day are needed, please contact us for flexible bulk minutes plans.

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Yes. We use the most secure google backed for encryption to make sure your payment is processed securely.

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All plans are prepaid (minimally monthly) based on the plan you choose. You can upgrade or decrease your plan with a simple call or email to us.  All plans are prepaid.

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